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27 December 2016 ( 11 views )

The Most Expensive Christmas Sweater Is Made Out Of How Much Bling?

What do you get for the person who has everything but also likes expensive garbage? Well, if you've got money to throw around, there's a perfect present awaiting.

Tipsy Elves have created an ugly Christmas sweater made with 24,274 hand placed Swarovski crystals. Taking over 52 hours to make, this sweater is certainly one of a kind. And it better be, cause it costs $30,000!

Yeah, for the price of a year of college or a nice car you could get one sweater that you can wear ironically once a year.

Tipsy Elves have proclaimed that their sweater is the most expensive ugly Christmas sweater in the world. It's pretty impressive, though we can't imagine there are too many other people clamoring for that honor.

The good news is the sweater does feature Santa riding a unicorn, which is pretty boss. The bad news is that it costs what many families make in a year.

The website for this bedazzled glory have a few 5-star reviews that are pretty hilarious.

"I was going to fund my daughter's wedding in Cabo, but I figured this sweater would last much longer. Great value!"

One customer was so confident in the sweater that they left a 5-star review before asking this important question

"Can someone from Tipsy Elves confirm the size of the shipping box this sweater comes in? I will need to live inside the box if I buy this sweater."

The final review is kind of a work of art.

There are a lot of ugly Christmas sweaters, but until now, none of them told the story of how bad I am with money. I saw this and knew this was the perfect way to waste my wealth. Usually when I buy a $30k sweater, I can only wear it once before poor people try to rip pieces off of it, but this one comes with a handy display case so I can enjoy it year round!

If you still feel the price is a little steep, know that the sweater comes in a "luxury frame" and you'll be the owner of a record setting piece of Christmas clothing.

Or, you could bust out your Be Dazzler and make yourself an ugly sweater. It might not be Swarovski, but it'll cost around $5 and be a lot more fun!

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The Most Expensive Christmas Sweater Is Made Out Of How Much Bling?